All solutions, products and services offered at the exhibition come from leaders and pioneers of sustainability in their respective fields. Leadership is assessed from the point of view of social responsibility, environmental impact and a small carbon footprint. Only solutions that support a sustainable lifestyle qualify for the exhibition – after being validated by a panel of Finland's leading sustainability experts.


Our primary partners are companies who are proven leaders in their field and have had a significant impact on Finnish society. Exhibition spaces are granted to single products and services as opposed to brands or companies. The main criteria is that the product in question has a greater accountability value than other products in the same category or in different categories, if they provide solution to the same need. Only products that help and inspire consumers to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, save energy and resources, or products that promote human rights throughout the supply chain can be considered.

The Sustainability Panel


Minna Halme (D.Sc. Econ. & Bus. Adm. , Professor) is a Professor of Leadership studies at Aalto University School of Economics and Head of the Aalto Sustainability Hub. She has worked in impact business since 1990 in Finland, International Institute for Environmental Economics at Lund University, Sweden and at Georgetown University in the United States. Her research interests include responsible business, business innovation that promotes ecological and social sustainability, and the social impact of corporate responsibility. Halme is the chair of the panel.


Antti Majava (MA, Ph.D. candidate) is working at the BIOS Research Unit on the Impact of Environmental and Resource Crises and is preparing a doctoral dissertation in the Doctoral Program in Multidisciplinary Environmental Research at the University of Helsinki. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2008 and is one of the founding members of the Mustarinda Society, addressing ecological issues and combining them with scientific and artistic perspectives. Majava has worked as an expert in the energy and forest sectors for over 15 years. His particular interests are the building of new relationships with nature, the preservation of forest biodiversity, experimental forms of energy and the cultural change towards a post-consumer society.

Jyri Seppälä (Ph.D., Professor) is the Director at SYKE's Center for Consumption and Production and Member of the National Climate Panel. He has done his scientific work on different life cycle assessments of various products and services alongside leading various climate and sustainability reviews of the production and consumption sectors. He has carried out numerous large-scale projects, participating in various legislative or executive working groups and providing the necessary background material. He is also the responsible director of the HINKU (Towards a Carbon Neutral Municipality) project and a member of the National Climate Panel.

Markus Terho (M.Sc. Tech.) has been working in leadership roles in the field of sustainable development for decades. As the leader of Sitra's Resource Wise Citizen project, he encourages Finns to make sustainable choices in their daily lives. He also helps companies that develop sustainable products on the B2C market to grow through various experiments. Terho holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering.